November 13, 2012

More gratitude. More hope. More love. #20 (bougainvillea in bloom)

A few glimpses from the weekend. The sun was out and bougainvillea flowers were in full bloom. My camera arrived back home safely from the repair shop, yippee, and I got straight back to playing around with the many mysterious functions I still have no idea how to use. Gratitude for the bright bold colours of the bougainvillea flower. And speaking of spreading more gratitude... Jodi at Che and Fidel  is grateful for the support she's had for her lovely blog. She's created a beautiful and calm space sharing tidbits on daily life. She's sharing the love around with a christmas giveawayincluding lots of eco friendly and handmade items.

photos...1. I loved this fresh tea, it was so calming and cooling. I drank it lukewarm and it was halfway between a tea and a cool drink. / 2. The ingredients of the amazing tea...fresh lemon, fresh ginger and mint. / 3. Bougainvillea in full bloom. They always remind me of Cambodia and there was some sweet synchronicity going on when I got a text later that day from my lovely friend Emma (who also lived in Cambodia) sharing her gratitude for the divine scent of frangipani's that remind her of Phnom Penh. Awesome! / 4. The garden path leading to the 'truest room in the whole damn house' (i couldn't go past borrowing this line from one of my favourite Regina Spektor songs, Reading time with pickles). / 5. what a great home entrance.

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