November 06, 2012

More gratitude. More hope. More love. #18 (you have to be brave)

More love. Yes please! 

Today's Literary Jukebox on Brain Pickings is a playful passage on falling in love by Jeannette Winterson, matched with 'Falling' by Nitin Sawhney. If you haven't checked out Literary Jukebox yet, you must! It's the brainchild of Maria Popova, combining her love of literature and music. Each day she matches a favourite book passage with a thematically related song. It's definitely an add to your day with changing insightful and inspiring musings from brilliant authors and musicians.  

Along with gratitude for all the creativity and inspiration flowing through the world I'm also super grateful that my camera is still under warranty and I don't have to fork out cash that is not in abundance right now to get it repaired. I am very happy indeed!

What awe-inspiring online spaces do you visit for your fix? Share away in comments below x


  1. If you want to get lost in the world of beautiful people, photos and fashion - The Sartorialist is always a good fix.

    1. Thanks, I haven't looked at The Sartorialist for yonks. It's kind of like taking a walk around the globe. Being so far away in Australia it's always fun to see street pics, particularly of Europe. x


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