November 30, 2012


A first here. A collection of blogs and other favourites that have tickled my fancy this past month. But before the list, did anyone see yesterday's full moon? It sure was a beauty. 

  • Age Old Tree my latest blog crush (and let me tell you it's a big crush). Ann marie documents so beautifully her love of literature, food and nature.  And whilst it's heating up down here as we head into Summer, I love seeing the contrast in seasons as the Northern hemisphere heads into Winter. Particularly loving the cabin series, check out the cabin: before the storm and at the cabin: the snow came and so we went out. Another post I love...and this sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with " has taught me that fiction is often closer to the truth than simple fact-telling".
  • Can't wait to get my hands on Frugavore, a book on growing your own, buying locally and eating well, which I discovered via this great review at Eight Acres. And yes it's at my local library!
  • Uttu - so pretty and dreamy.
  • This beautiful film.  

And lastly I'm grateful for an amazing scene I saw yesterday of black cygnets playing whilst being protected by Mama and Papa Black Swan (i took a video and have been trying to upload it all morning but alas my tech skills are less than proficient so no video (yet)). Yesterday morning before the cygnets and full moon I was having a bad day, expecting a piece of bad news, and definitely not feeling any gratitude. So before the 'bad news' was going to be delivered I went for a walk and was drawn out of the thoughts going around in my head and back into life. And as things go... I started to feel grateful, and the bad news...well there was none, in fact it was all good news!

Image: A house full of flowers, a picture I took a while back.


  1. These links are so lovely - and your picture is stunning! I'm glad your bad news turned out to be good news and I look forward to the swans one day soon x

  2. I did - it was absolutely amazing here in the UK too. I must check out those fabulous links.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  3. Oooh a list I love a list - and one that I am on well thank you! I visited Age Old Tree and marvelled at the snow covered landscapes. Made me very grateful that I live by the beach and summer is dawning here! Beautiful image of the rose, flowers are so magical. Have a great weekend. Thanks again for the link and for being part of The Wholefood Mama community x

  4. honored and so flattered! thank you, Natalie. thank you for stopping by my blog...another kindred spirit found!

  5. such fantastic links, thank you. oh yes an 'i am an age old tree' what a beautiful place to visit, such delightful colours and hues, i think i might stay there for a while. thanks for the directions. xx

    1. i wasn't sure about doing the linky thing initially but then i realised it's an awesome way to share x


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