November 08, 2012

More gratitude. More hope. More love. #19 (the birthday season)

Birthday season is upon our family again. We have one birthday in each of the months of October, November and December. Today it's my mum's. It'll be a fairly simple affair with flowers, Spanish for dinner and a few surprise parcels to open. We feel in love with these cluster-flowered roses, also known as the 'The Sweetheart Rose', easy to see why. They do hint back to days of first dates and blossoming love (us girls did a good job picking them on behalf of our dad). Roses do tend to fall into the cliched flower pile, but on this occasion they were perfect to express the sentiment we wanted to share. Mum you're a little bit special (ok a whole lot of special!) and we love you. Happy birthday Mum x

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