June 29, 2013

Moving and shaking (and keeping in touch)

Things are a changing around here. Both on the blog and in my life. Outside of the blog I'm moving house. Geographically not far from where I am now but it'll make a difference. I'll share more about that soon. For the moment I'll stick to what's happening in blogland. I'm planning on having a bit of a clean up on the blog. Just a few small changes here and there I've been thinking about for a while. I imagine the changes will happen slowly slowly,  so keep your eyes peeled. And whilst you're at it, keep your eyes peeled in the next month over on Facebook or Instagram. I'm not there yet, but I'm tossing up whether to grow a little sideways to one or both of these.  I don't use Instagram currently but it does look fun. 

Any thoughts on what you use and why? 

Along similar lines of how you find and follow blogs... Google Reader is closing in a few days (I had no idea about this until it kept coming up on blogs I read- ancient head in the sand is me!) and bloglovin is a good way to keep in touch. 

To follow me on bloglovin click the link below.

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You can also receive emails directly in your inbox by entering your details in the box on the right. Simple. 

Housework done. Happy weekend. x


  1. I love bloglovin! I will follow you there. Instagram is awesome, creative & fun - look me up if you join @withgraceandeve I love it more than facebook xx

    1. I'm getting to love bloglovin myself! Thanks for your advice x

  2. I haven't gone near Instagram or Twitter. I can see the attraction with Instagram but I prefer to focus on just one social media platform (Facebook). Twitter just seems like a load of noise and there was a very brief love affair with Pinterest a year or so ago. Have a play and see where you're most comfortable. (And beware the hours that just disappear!)


thank you for sharing your thoughts. i love reading each and every comment x