June 04, 2013

21/52 Weeks of Gratitude

More gratitude. More hope. More love.

I took a little weekend trip down to the land of rolling hills and wide, flowing rivers. As I turned off the main highway onto the road that takes me towards Murwillumbah a spectacular view of Mt. Warning appears in the distance and I can't help but let out a sigh of delight! I'm in one of the most beautiful places in Australia.  

A weekend to be grateful for:
Catching up with friends and their sweet baby. She is 7 months and all smiles, joy and laughter.
Tea at dusk to warm the body, followed by homemade beer (to further warm and keep our cheeks rosy) and then dinner at this restaurant in a beautiful old Queenslander with a wide verandah (oh how i love a verandah overlooking trees). The produce is all local, sustainable and organic and it is very good. 

Days were lived in the moment with conversations about plans and families, food and health. Sounds in the moment were of laughter, playing of a native american flute, wind in the trees and small baby sneezes that seemed to take Lila by surprise as if she didn't know she could make such sounds. 

Joining in with 52 weeks of gratitude here.


  1. oh so so so wonderful! wonderful things to be grateful for. xo

  2. So wonderful! I grew up in Murwillumbah; what a small world. Today I am grateful or time spent in the sunshine xx

    1. Leah, it really is a beautiful part of the world. Thanks for stopping by x

  3. That baby is positively adorable! A lovely list of gratitude for sure x

  4. so gorgeous, oh that smile, and the restaurant you dined at looks amazing. xx


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