June 17, 2013

23/52 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love.

I'm playing catch up again. Trying to write one post per week, and post it in the actual week it occurs, is proving to be quite the challenge. Things have been busy, and I think I fell into that place where if you put something off for a few days it kind of becomes bigger and even less manageable.

Anyway...little jolts of inspiration for writing come at random moments throughout the day, I start dreaming big of what I what I'd like to write,  get excited but then don't always find the time to do the actual writing.  It's all part of the process though and one of the things I love about writing and photographing for this space is the discipline it's given me (sometimes!) to do something creative. On a regular basis. I had often talked with friends about wanting to 'be more creative', but as my profession isn't creative in the traditional sense, I always struggled to find something that fit. Now that I've started this space I gotta say I love it. No hard rules, the freedom to do whatever I please. It's incredibly liberating and scary at the same time. I did set the intention to be more courageous this year so I'm not letting a little fear now and again stop me from doing my thing on this blog.

So gratitude. I'm grateful for all that I'm learning on writing, learning to observe more around me, the buzz I feel thinking about ideas for the blog, being able to sticky beak into other people's lives and thoughts across the world via their blogs and sharing this space with people I know in person and people I don't.

In Week 23 of 52 (a few weeks back now) I went to Bangalow and I almost cried in delight when I saw the main tree in town with its leaves turned shades of red and orange. Ah winter! how I've missed you. There aren't many signs of winter where I live. It feels too tropical. No deciduous trees, no bitter winds, no need for heavy winter coats and gloves. Most of the time I'm happy for the milder climate, but the sight and crunch underfoot of leaves fallen to the ground is a simple delight that doesn't diminish with age. It was my first time at The Channon markets and I have to say it rates in my top 3 market experiences. A super relaxed market in beautiful surroundings with good and plentiful food options, and diverse local arts and crafts. Being so close to Northern NSW is a real treat.

1. Our Corner Store- I couldn't resist buying a new winter knit- their ethos is simple and natural. 
2 and 3. The Channon Markets. 

Joining in for 52 weeks of gratitude here.

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