June 24, 2013

25/52 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love.

This past week felt like a good time to pair back the fancy stuff and get back to basics. I found time to embrace the simple things I love doing but that had somehow been missing recently.  Later in the week I was delighted to find that Rhonda at Down to Earth was revisiting elements of simple living. I'm eagerly reading and waiting for new posts.  

Grateful for weekend brunch. Weekend brunch at a cafe is a little bit special don't you think? I keep going back to Vintage Espresso because they never fail to deliver and in Winter the space is filled with sunlight. The food is simple, fresh and healthy. The ladies are lovely and they've perfected the art of chai tea. I had a classic dish of poached eggs on sol pumpkin and rice bread with a side of spinach. And a pot of chai, milky but not too sweet. The bonus to having a pot of chai is scooping the cinnamon sprinkled froth off the top of the brewing tea. Mmm.

Grateful for a few quick rounds of Boggle after a Sunday roast. Have you played it? It's a simple word game kind of a mix between crosswords and scrabble.

Grateful to Kellie at Dear Olive for the inspiration I needed to get a trip to my weekly farmer's market back on the agenda. It is amazing how much of a difference to eating it's made over the last couple of weeks. With an abundance of fresh, seasonal and organic fruit and veg on hand I've been much more inspired to cook throughout the whole week and have been filling up on really good food. Less space for chocolate cravings!

Grateful for being challenged in yoga. 

Grateful for an ordinary week that really was rather extraordinary. 

I'd love to know what simple things make a big difference in your life?

1/ Mmm poached eggs and chai. 2/ View from the table.

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  1. How perfect do those poached eggs look?! And Chai too, perfect! xo

  2. Definitely agree with you on a weekend brunch! And I've just edited a couple of my photos that have blue or green cups in cafes - I love them! Also, a warm drink in my hands. My weekly farmers market visit. Getting into a cosy bed at night. The heater! My new beanie. Baby shampoo that is much kinder to my hair than other products.

    1. Baby shampoo hey, I'm rethinking shampoo choices at the moment.

  3. I love when you find that "just right" cafe. x

  4. That picture is making me hungry (or was I hungry to begin with). There is definitely less space for chocolate cravings when you're full of good food.

  5. Oh my, those eggs! They look cooked with precision, look how perfectly round they are! Very impressive, that right there would make my week :) Visiting via Grateful

  6. Yoga makes the biggest difference to my week, as does starting the day with breakfast and hot water with lemon... simple things that have become ritual more than routine. Always love your gratitude posts xx


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