October 31, 2012

More gratitude. More hope. More love. #16 (the changing beauty of nature)

I collected this broken shell and made a necklace

Bare feet on warm sand. Scattered clouds. The beauty of a muted beach palette on a cloudy day. Pale sand, pale blue sky and pale green waters. All with a hint of silvery light that happens on a cloudy day. The calm ocean, a boat sailing out to sea, white shells and slate stones. A woman in a striped bathing suit under a faded red umbrella. The water was warm, and as I walked home refreshed from my swim the clouds disappeared and changed the colours of the beach and it became a new picture. 

Gratitude for the changing beauty of nature. 

Psst...My camera is in the repair shop. It stopped working the day I decided to remind myself of f-stops and shutter speeds and other manual settings. Hopefully it will be returned soon as the only camera I have access to is on my computer. A bit of a hiccup for gratitude posts. While I may not be posting gratitude posts for a bit I'll definitely be continuing to practice gratitude daily, it's addictive, and of course the whole point is to bring gratitude into everyday living. 

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