November 14, 2013

An island holiday

A few months ago, at the tail end of Winter I went on a spontaneous holiday to Great Keppel Island with friends from down south in chilly Melbourne.  I've had the photos for this post ready for ages, but no words, so I kept waiting for a moment that felt right to write so I could hit publish. On this rainy night at home and in a week where words aren't flowing about the present moment, it felt like a good time to look back over happy holidays snaps, write something and share them with you. 
We spent four days tucked away on our island holiday and spent our days walking barefoot on sand, swimming and snorkelling in crystal clear water, making sandcastles and exploring different parts of the island. Nothing to achieve, nothing to rush towards, just the simple pleasure of living in the moment. 

It was so nice to spend such quality time with Emma, Matt and Finn again. Living miles away from each other we don't get to catch up that often and when we do it's usually only for a few hours or a day at the most. It was delightful to have days instead of hours together.  We didn't have to rush to madly catch up on all the news, instead there was more time to play, and be and laugh whilst conversation flowed.

And of course we spent a great deal of time eating, reading and sleeping. We made simple meals of eggs, fish, tomatoes, leafy greens, rock melon and papaya. It's amazing how good simple, wholesome food is when you slow down to really experience each mouthful. 

Each night after a cup of tea and a few squares of chocolate I curled up in my large tent on a wooden platform with my book and read until the generator was switched off precisely at 10pm and all was dark and quiet again on the island. Bliss!

November 06, 2013

44 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love. 

A few simple things I'm grateful for that made a week of mostly being stuck in my head, that bit lighter. 

A classic drink on warm days,  water, a good squeeze of lemon and a few sprigs of mint. 

Girls, Season 2 watched, or more accurately, inhaled, over a very short duration of time. 

Morning sunshine on our front verandah. I love sitting at the front door, sun creeping higher in the sky, birds flying from palm to palm,  slowly waking to the day.

Waking on Sunday morning to hear the news that there was a new baby in the world, and he was 8 pounds 8 ounces and named Ruben. Congrats to my beautiful friends Emma p and Matt! And of course to Finn, as he is officially now a big brother. 

A visit to West End markets in Brisbane. What an awesome local market. Stall after stall of good looking fruit and veg, fresh juices, and other foodie delights. It had a real community buzz, people taking time to stop and chat, to smile and draw you in to being a part of the market community.  

 And under the shade of a gorgeous fig tree live music played whilst people enjoyed what I hear is seriously good coffee!

And for my mama and papa and big sister.

52 Weeks of Grateful linking up with Kylie at Octavia and Vicky.

photos: lemon and mint water / morning sunshine on my verandah taken earlier this year in May.