January 30, 2013

2/52 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love.

What I saw, felt and experienced around me this week.

Gratitude for such a wonderful trip to Sydney to soak up summer by the sea and catch up with much missed friends and new bubbas.

The walk from Manly around to Fairlight continues to be one of the most beautiful, and peaceful I know.

Absolute childish delight experiencing the Anish Kapoor exhibition. I had a permanent smile on my face and loved watching others as their faces lit up. And the little noises of glee escaping mouths! 

The thoughtfulness of my friend Liz. She often makes unique handmade gifts for friends and family. see beautiful handmade button necklace and I tell you Pana raw chocolate is...well it's so good I can't begin to describe it. 

1/52 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love.

What I saw, felt and experienced around me this week.

Byron Bay really is a healing place. Starting the new year in Suffolk Park was just what I needed. Swimming each morning and night, walks on the beach and a good old healthy dose of sunshine. 

Gratitude for nature, a night camping with goannas near beautiful Minyon Falls, my memory that lead us straight to the natural plunge pool at the top of the falls. And the perfect timing of arriving and taking a dip just before most people arrived for the day but not too early to miss a a couple of siblings shrieking loudly in embarrassment as their dad stripped off and went for a skinny dip in another lil pool away from the edge.

January 28, 2013

52 weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love.

Well folks...things have been a tad on the quiet side in this space!  I've been enjoying warm days and balmy summer nights, time to recharge and reflect on the past year.

Last year I began a series of gratitude posts which old readers will be familiar with 'More gratitude. More hope. More love'.  Originally I had thought I'd post one moment from each day that I was grateful for as a way to really notice and appreciate the simple moments in my days. Whilst I was still observing and reflecting on gratitude regularly, posting daily on the blog just didn't happen for me, when I did post it felt honest, but I didn't want to it to become something I forced myself to do. That just didn't feel right.

Moving into the new year, I started thinking about what I did want to continue with in my life and on the blog...I'm still loving exploring and sharing whole foods recipes, simple living and gratitude is something I want to continue.

And thus 52 weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love begins as the first instalment, you could say, of a Wellness Project I hinted at last year. More about that later, but to summarise quickly, later in the year I'm hoping to explore the healing power of food and natural medicine, plus other components that contribute to health and happiness. I'm very keen to hear others experiences and words of wisdom on health issues. Having chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia I continue to search and try new ways to heal, and continue to have HOPE. Every little bit of energy I put in I know inches me a bit closer to healing.

So first up I've started a gratitude jar-a little place to house moments of gratitude  throughout the year. Each week I'll share some of these thoughts as well as a photo or two of what I've been grateful for that week. (At this stage you might be thinking where into Week 5 of the new year. I've been reflecting and taking photos throughout January and will post all of January's gratitude posts tomorrow).

Practising gratitude last year also showed me that when I get too busy I veer a little off course and tend not to live in the moment (you know what I mean..a racing mind, feeling cranky, the afternoon biscuits creep back in, no time for yoga!). Bam! before I know it gratitude has dropped off completely. As part of 52 weeks of gratitude I'll be sharing activities and strategies that help me stay in the now, make me happy and share words by many wise folk on the benefits of living a life filled with gratitude. I'm very excited to share what I learn over the year with you and to hear what you do to build gratitude and happiness in your life.

Inspirations so far on gratitude, celebrating the ordinary and living in the moment are Pia's lovely blog and book My Heart Wanders, The Happiness Project, and this new 52 weeks of Now project.

NOTE: This post has been updated (in case you wondered why it's not the same as when you first read it!). I edited out a few things out as I thought it was way too long-winded. Mostly I took out the details of my CFS symptoms (brain fog, headaches, post-exertional malaise, reaction to stress) and how I manage it well through living mindfully. I'll get back into all that later in the year through the Wellness Project.

P.s As we continue in the midst of storms and floods here in QLD & NSW I'm wishing everyone to stay safe and look out for your neighbours. It warms my heart to hear of how communities affected are pulling together to help each other out. 

January 08, 2013

twenty thirteen: new beginnings and good intentions

Happy New Year all! We've sure hit the new year with soaring temperatures! I've been cooling down with homemade yoghurt and raspberry ice blocks and juicy summer fruits (if you're in the Northern hemisphere you're going to have to get your imagination on!).

I love the end of one year and the beginning of another.  Time to step away from our regular routines and 'work suits' (maybe yours is of the traditional 9 to 5 starched collar variety or it may simply be a state of mind..) and step into long, splendid days with friends and family, nature, good reads and good food. Time to breathe again and see clearly.

How did you spend the festive season? I tripped down to Byron Bay and surrounds for 3 days and it was perfect... morning and evening ocean swims, nature walks, and a night camping with goannas near a spectacular waterfall. Byron really does have powerful healing energies. Within a day I could feel my lungs expanding, heart opening and mind clearing. The trip gave me the necessary space to feel what it is that I need  to sustain myself in 2013.

I'm excited for all the possibilities that 2013 brings and have a few little project ideas brewing for this space which I will share with you over the next few months.  Imagine...I can do anything, be anything...oohhh the possibilities are endless! With this in mind, and without getting too carried away I wanted to start the new year off with a few good intentions. Olivia of Courageous Yogi wrote some beautiful words that really made sense to me, on starting a new year with purpose, dreams and good intentions, and the difference between intentions and a goal.

"An intention is a way of being and becoming. Having an intention makes your goals more attainable because you're commited to becoming the person you need to be in order to have what you want FIRST, then going after the externals".

In 2013 my intentions are:

to be courageous
to trust and be open to new experiences
to be grateful
to surround myself in nature

these are the foundations leading to health and happiness me thinks!

With these intentions in mind,  and with intentions you may have made for 2013 (do share your intentions for 2013 below... I know I'll be inspired) I'm looking forward to the year ahead sharing more healthy recipes, daily inspiration and thoughts on nourishing both body and soul.