July 31, 2012

a 'no plans' trip to the country

Recently I had one of those beautiful experiences where I listened to what I needed and things just flowed. And what flowed was a beautiful 'no plans' trip to the country kind of out of the blue. No forcing, no attachment to the finer details -where was the best place to stay, the best place to eat - because I had to make sure I had the BEST experience! Instead I opened up to the idea that life brings you what you need when you need it and a week later I was heading north on the freeway to Dungog* a small town I vaguely remember having been through once on a camping trip to the Barrington Tops, and had memories of windy country roads and luscious green countryside.

My memory served me well and as I turned the corner into town a rainbow appeared from behind the hills, and the biggest grin spread across my face as I jumped out of the car to breathe it all in. Yes this was where I was meant to be for the next week! Fresh air and countryside. On the drive up I realised that I'd been been feeling out of balance, bored with routine, a bit stuck. I needed a bit of freedom to shift my energy around and get unstuck.

Once settled into my silo hut on a Bio Dynamic Farm Bakery what unfolded over the next week was a slowing down of everything. I didn't feel compelled to achieve anything in a day and felt more clear and present than I had in a while. Mornings were yoga and meditation on the verandah, breakfast became an activity that took 2 hours and a stroll down the road turned into jumping across stones in the shallows of a running creek. I tripped around town and tuned in to my senses.  I rediscovered the vast star filled night sky that disappears in a city and the romance of solitude. I gathered fresh mud on my boots and new imprints on my body. I carried home with me the knowledge that when you make space in your life energy flows more freely and getting unstuck becomes easier.