October 30, 2013

42 and 43 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love. 

Serenity and peace in the small town of Mullumbimby.  My sister and I took a quick trip to visit friends on the coast and spend a night in a peaceful abode in nature.

Mullumbimby continues to grow on me each time I visit. It's a beautiful town, but given the choice I've often opted to head to the coast around Byron Bay. Slowly this is changing. I'm noticing the energy and beauty of the surrounding hills and space around Mullumbimby and dig the feeling of the place.   Heck, there aren't that many places where you have a Day Spa right in the middle of town that feels like your far away in a tropical rainforest. The massage was bliss. If you're in the area I suggest you spend a few hours relaxing at The Kiva Spa.

And on to the peaceful abode. Simon and his wife, Susan (who was away in Bali) have a beautiful property with self contained accommodation next to the main house. Simon was welcoming and warm, the place, beautiful and serene and exquisitely decorated.

Simon shared his intentions of the space as a retreat for people to reconnect with themselves and the earth; his love of the natural world; the garden he has spent hours planting and caring for; the kookaburra's and his work as an astrologer.

We drank cups of tea on the verandah, read, ate and crawled into bed. The sound and smell of rain was my companion as I drifted off to sleep.

Before we left Simon shared an image he'd sensed when he first met me. I'm not going to share the exact details (sorry folks!) but it linked in with the incredibly strong feeling I'd had the night before pottering around the kitchen. A feeling of being incredibly grounded and a sense of coming home to myself.

A weekend of people, places and experiences I am very grateful for.

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  1. yes, what a weekend to be grateful for. love your photos as well. xo

  2. Love the Kookaburra :)


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