July 30, 2013

A Winter feel good giveaway!

Each year as the weather turns cold my thoughts wander to an image of a cosy bookstore cafe (think Berkelouw or Avid Reader) hands wrapped around a cup of warm tea, with good company surrounded by rows of new and old books. It's one of my favourite 'feel-good' winter rituals that I will never tire of and one I look forward to as the days turn cooler. 

To spread a little Winter goodness around I'm chuffed to share a first giveaway for me; a collection of wintery goodness to add a little extra warmth and spice to your days!  A big thanks to contributors, I love that by sharing what I love doing on this blog connections are made.  And a big thanks to you, the reader, for joining in, and making it such a lovely community.

The Winter Feel Good Giveaway.

The winner of this give-away will receive:
A jar of Sticky Chai 200g. I discovered these 2 lads via the Real Food Projects and loved their story. In their words..handmade by a couple of tea-lovin' dudes who split their time between blending top notch things to steep and brew and planning excursions on long open roads to far away places with wood-fired ovens. We passionately blend luxurious tea, loads of spice and raw honey, so you get all natural, and no funny business!
 2 x Broth of Life jars (1 Beef Bone Broth from grass fed beef & 1 Chicken Broth from free range chicken frames).  Dehydrated broth from Tassie! Well I never! I drink it straight, love it in soup (Healing Chicken and Shitake is good!). If you're new to the benefits of broth it's a long list. Here's a few: rich in vitamins and minerals, heals the gut, builds immunity and easy to digest.
Bloom Cambodia recycled rice bag of your choice (image an idea of one bag style, lots more to choose from). I lived in Cambodia, almost a decade ago. It's a place I feel in love with. I wanted to continue to support once I left- the poverty is unbelievable  One thing led to another and I found Diana's social enterprise, beautiful recycled bags with good principles. They provide people with skills, training, a fair and decent wage and good working condition ( a rarity in the garment industry in developing countries). I purchased a stack of bags and sold them in Sydney markets for a year until life got a bit busy and I had to put that aside. (P.s Diana also runs Bloom Garden Guest House,  definitely worth checking out if Cambodia is in your sights).

To enter simply answer this question in the comments below  (and your name if you don't have a profile) telling us:

What is your favourite Winter 'feel good' ritual.

The winner will be chosen based on the comment that best inspires and warms my heart. Entries close midnight Tuesday 6th August, AEST. The winner will be announced shortly after on the blog. Open to Australian and NZ readers. 

I would love it if you shared this giveaway with your friends on facebook/your blog. Join me on Facebook for inspiration, whole food goodness and updates. If you're new here, welcome! you can follow me on bloglovin' or subscribe via email (over there on the right). 

You gotta be in it to win it. Good luck x 

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Congratulations to aluminium girl - through your words I could feel the warmth and gratitude of having someone else do something for you with love; and the beauty of being able to sit back and witness this morning ritual.

And because I couldn't stop at one winner I've also got a little surprise (hint hint it's spicy) for Penny, because the image of the little ones eager for their delicious, healthy breakfast was just delightful and warmed my heart.


  1. Natalie, what a great giveaway. Believe it or not, my winter rituals see me spend more time outside than during the harsh summer months. This is by far my favourite time of year - I like the gentle quiet nature of the winter season and the subtle warmth of the sun's rays. My favourite ritual is spending a morning along a deserted beach, with only my dog for company. Long sleeves, my neck wrapped in a scarf and my feet bare in the sand, I feel free and alive. x

  2. Natalie G, this is awesome! I am most impressed. :) I don't need a giveaway sweetie, thank you but I wanted to comment on you page regardless.

    My winter feel good ritual is to bake like a lizard in the morning sun in the privacy of my own back yard in my pjs and simply ponder life...

  3. Lovely giveaway Natalie. I love spending time outside in Winter too, long walks on the beach or in the bush, hot chocolates, some knitting by the fire in the evenings. Bliss. Mel x

  4. this is such a lovely giveaway. I couldn't think of just one ritual so instead I have 3:

    1. eating fresh NZ orange cut like they used to be for soccer, usually 3 or 4 at a time.
    2. walking down the hill to work as the sun rises
    3. counting down the days until the solstice...

    thank you for this opportunity! x

  5. My favourite winter ritual is one I witness. Each morning, my husband carefully, methodically, grinds coffee beans, fills the grouphead, tamps them down, and pulls me the perfect espresso. It always hits the mark. It is always served with love (and a side of wholemeal seed toast).

  6. Nat thank you for your blog, I love it. My favourite winter ritual would be twofold:

    Porridge: not only just milk and honey, but I now make it for my family packed full of chia seeds, LSA, cinnamon, coconut and dates. The girls love it and I have finally managed to get Russ to eat breakky too. They all sit up straight out of bed to get it, and eat the sticky, crunchy, milky goodness... This ritual so important to us to start the day right and I'm not too sure we will stop it during summer either!

    Flannel Sheets: how good are flanno sheets, top and bottom? And mixed with flannel pyjamas, I am as snug as a bug and this always promises a full, deep, refreshing sleep.


  7. Yum I love sticky chai! Well honestly this winter feels really strange for me because I've come into winter here from winter in Germany, so my brain is still trying to figure out which season I'm in! It's been so incredibly warm, we're very lucky... but I guess my usual rituals are cups of chai (no surprises there), sitting in the sun whenever I can, walks by the seasonally flat ocean, baking treats and watching lots of documentaries...

    Keep up the great work Nat! x

  8. Breaking out the rolled oats to prepare a steaming bowl of porridge for me and my little girl signifies that winter has hit our house. swirl of Tasmanian yellow box honey and a pinch of salt during the cooking to satisfy my Scottish ancestry. Lanie