July 18, 2013

28/52 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love.

As a teenager I grew up in a mid sized coastal town, and being swept up in surf culture was an inevitable part of life. Hours spent at the beach, swimming, watching the surf (and surfers) and sun-baking (back then I wasn't so big on slip, slop, slap). I never grew out of my love for the ocean (I was happy to leave surf culture behind!) but in recent years I've had a renewed love for watching the surf. The swell and sound of crashing waves. The expansiveness of the ocean. The wild nature that can never be tamed. I walked to the top of South Nobby Headland for the first time on Saturday and the salty breeze and views were magnificent. 

A week of gratidue for:

- the ocean
- sun after the rain
- dancing and feeling energy flowing through my body again ( 5 rhythms - it really is amazing, it shifted my tiredness and my headache vanished).
- an insightful post at 52 weeks of now on practicing gratitude "To be able to stop, notice and appreciate what we're grateful for at any given moment, we have to be present, we have to be mindful."
- being reminded of long summer days via pomegranate and seeds. Rebecca's blog is gorgeous and she writes dreamy poetry.

52 Weeks of Grateful link up has a new home at Octavia and Vicky


  1. What a lovely post Nat. You forgot to mention gratitude for hot surfers.

  2. Oh I could watch the surf forever. Love that image Nat. Off to check out 52 weeks of now - sounds very me xx

  3. I'm with Penny... and you is a mumma watching her kids splash at the beach grateful for all of the above. x

  4. Hey Nat, tell me more about the 5 rhythms... I went to the website but it looks like it's all US-based. Where did you do it? x

    1. Vanessa, there's definitely a few different teachers around Australia. I'm in QLD and the class was with Deva Nandan. Michelle Maher is in Sydney (I think you're in NSW ) http://www.radiancedance5rhythms.com/links.html

  5. Lovely Post Natalie. There is nothing much better for soothing the soul than the ocean, I think. I love Rebecca's blog too :-) Mel x


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