September 30, 2013

36, 37, 38 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love. 

A few thoughts I started last Tuesday night....but didn't quite finish.  I've been a bit quiet on the blog front but with the memory of dirt on my hands and wind in my hair I'm inspired to write again.

I practised yoga this evening and I've a spring in my step, my chest feels open, shoulders are rolled back and I'm holding my head high. I can literally feel energy flowing freely throughout my whole body reaching right down to my toes. I am connected to my body again and I feel so calm and present.

 Recently I've noticed how much I enjoy singing on the way home after yoga. The thing is I don't sing very often. I have a rather terrible singing voice, I always have, and once I became old enough to realise I didn't really sound like the girl in the Annie musical I've too shy to really sing.

Not only have I held back the urge to sing when I'm with others but I've also held back expressing myself from time to time over the years. Our fears are strange beasts!  Health practitioners have often pointed out the link between recurrent sore throats and a repression of expression and emotion. Not speaking up for myself, not expressing myself, not singing often or loud enough!

 Now I'm not dreaming of having a singing career but I am making progress towards finding a way to be more comfortable with expression in many forms and I feel very grateful for the knowledge and self acceptance yoga is teaching me.

It has also been a month of ups and downs, feeling frustrated and still struggling to find a place in my new home as I previously rambled on about here. Thank goodness for yoga! and beautiful words from a good friend. She wrote what I'm calling a love letter to her friends, sharing her thoughts from across the seas whilst she travels on why each friend is important to her. Her words made me laugh, smile and cry. Seeing myself through her words I felt I knew myself again.

I'm grateful for these moments and insights that have kept me feeling sane! Oh and Spring, how could I  not mention the gorgeous bunches of Spring flowers that have been bringing nature into the home.

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  1. Gosh I feel so at home reading your words. Recurrent sore throats aplenty here, or at least they were until several months ago. Strangely enough, when I found yoga. x

    1. I'm so happy to hear this Vanessa x

  2. So lovely to get your comment, thank you! I had just popped in here this week to see how you were doing. This post is gorgeous. What a wonderful letter to receive from your friend! Wishing you well for the rest of the week. As I read your post, I started stretching in the chair! x

    1. It is like that isn't it-like popping over to a friend's place for a cuppa to see how they are going x

  3. This makes me want to do yoga again. It really is amazing, the different it makes.


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