September 09, 2013

33, 34 and 35 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love. 

And here it is. The jumbo edition of many weeks of gratitude! Actually I'm going to keep it short and sweet.

I am very grateful and feeling the love from all of you who read and responded to my last post. Thanks for your support and encouraging words. I've found myself re-reading the comments over the last few weeks and loving the wise advice you shared. 

These past weeks I've been continuing to  take action and investing time and energy into my surroundings. I've been putting down roots and spreading my wings at the same time. On the home front I've been creating cosy little spaces and now have a few kitchen shelves just for my tea collection; burning beeswax candles at night and slowly going through my music collection. Out and about I've been exploring more and more, seeking out new places to go, experiences to have and new people to meet. I'm dreaming again and feeling hopeful.

I am grateful for:

The magic of staying on an island with good friends where days stretched out with nothing to do but relax and play. Oh the serenity!

Spending Sunday with Dad on Father's Day.  So whilst my first attempt at baking something from Jude Blereau's new cookbook didn't quite work out (my sponge came out of the oven completely flat!-I'm sure it had more to do with my inexperience than Jude's instructions. I should have known when I had to youtube the 'ribbon' method). A quick trip to the shops to buy a plain sponge cake saved my arse, and I prettied it up as planned.

Mint and parsley on my little balcony herb garden. Getting ready for Summer time.

A haircut that didn't make me want to cry. I love my new hairdresser. 

52 Weeks of Grateful linking up with Octavia and Vicky. 

Images: Sunset on Great Keppel Island; the Father's Day sponge; minty goodness.


  1. That cake looks amazing! Easy to fix a flat sponge, just photograph from above :P That island also looks super amazing, sounds blissful x

  2. I love these photos and the premise behind it. I'm also a new reader and must add that I love your profile. I too eat whole foods, live naturally and believe that less is most definitely more. Cheers to you Natalie!


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