August 02, 2013

Book nerding it up in Byron

Morning sunlight with a cup of tea and one of the best editions of Dumbo Feather.

I'm book nerding it up in Byron for the weekend at the Writer's Festival. I'm super excited to have a date with Peter Carey on Saturday afternoon and a night of what I hope is thigh-slapping comedy with Judith Lucy and others. 

Sunday I'm meeting up with two gorgeous women from blogland, Nikki and Jay.  I love their blogs and I'm looking forward to all those things that make it special when you're actually with people in person... voices, movement, energy, laughter. 

Oh how I love the weekend.  Happy weekend to you xx.


  1. I am hugely, splugely jealous and hope you have a wonderful time. x

  2. Have a wonderful time! You have a beautiful blog here!! I look forward to journeying along with you! Nicole

  3. Gosh. it's been a while since I stopped here to say hello. My blog following skills have really lapsed lately.
    Oh I'm jealous...what a perfectly lovely sounding time you are going to have. I follow Nikki and Jay's blogs too - say hi from me :)

  4. Sounds all kinds of amazing. I hope it was x

  5. Hi Nat, we are back home on the Peninsula and now I am dreaming of being back up north! I loved our morning with Jay - coffee, chai, chatting - perfect! And yes so great to meet in real life and to hear more about your life outside of blogland. I hope you all good with you xx


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