August 12, 2013

Winter giveaway: Winner(s)

Apologies for the delay and general silence in these parts. Life got very busy all of sudden.  Tonight though I'm home, listening to Sigur Ros, sipping herbal tea, by the beautiful light of a beeswax candle. A very cosy setting indeed to re-read the winter giveaway entries. 

Thanks to everyone who shared their winter rituals,  I've really enjoyed reading each entry. What struck me the most, and what was threaded through all of the entries, was love. And love sure makes all of us feel good! There was one entry in particular that through her words I could feel the warmth and gratitude of having someone else do something for you with love; and the beauty of being able to sit back and witness this morning ritual. 

Congratulations aluminiumgirl, a beautiful parcel is heading your way. 

And because I couldn't stop at one winner I've also got a little surprise (hint hint it's spicy) for Penny, because the image of the little ones eager for their delicious, healthy breakfast was just delightful and warmed my heart.


  1. Oh I am sorry I missed the giveaway! But what beautiful responses. I too loved reading everyone's winter rituals. Lovely to back reading at your space here Natalie. I always find your words soothing x

  2. ♥ Thank you!!
    It arrived in the post just now and we are very excited!
    I LOVE the bag, am already planning on cooking with the broth tonight, and trying the chai this morning! ♥

    Wishing you light and peace in your day. :)

    1. i'm delighted knowing that you are delighted. xx


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