February 14, 2013

Favourites (14.2.13)

I've got a stack of recipes to share but no time to write them up...so instead here's a quick favourites list of what has been rocking my little patch of grass over the last month (though I tell you, most of it has come my way in the last week, and it is all too good not to share!). Wishing everyone a delightful weekend x.

  • A dear friend of mine (who also happens to be a very talented children's author, presenter and a really good person to chat with if you're in need of a good book) has been busy setting up her new blog and has recently teamed up with Mandy to co-edit a lifestyle blog The Hunter Woman. They have their first giveaway closing 5pm Friday 15th!
  • Mindfully Green is another new blog that enticed me into it's lil corner with a post on The Sweet Power of Tea (need I say more!). It must be giveaway month because Amber is also running a giveaway- a copy of Bread Revolution- closes this week. 
  • Against All Grain - another new discovery for me and I can't wait to try this bread recipe. (Grain free bread! I know it's like a decaf, soy cappuccino! not the real thing... hopefully better).
  •  I hate food waste and so was quick to save a bucket load of bruised nectarines from the garbage after a work function this week. I'm going to play around in the kitchen on the weekend and make a nectarine and raspberry crumble based on this recipe. No grain, no sugar, no nasties. 
  • One day I'd love to own this lovely lady's cookbook 'A Homemade Life'.

Photo: Florist in Manly from my recent Sydney trip.
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  1. such wonderful links, thank you so much, i had lots of fun exploring them all. xx

  2. Nice links! I want to try the grain-free bread, looks very wholesome and filling.


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