October 25, 2013

40 and 41 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love. 

Step inside the Happy Cabin. It's warm, cosy and a place where magic happens. October arrived and it really has been a magical month. Queensland at this time of year is divine. Days are warm and nights are balmy, jasmine is in the air and there's a relaxed vibe on the streets.

October is also my birthday month.   I'm not really a let's make a big fuss over me kind of girl and happy to celebrate in low key style - some good food with good company. Saying this I do also like a party and this year I got the best of both- low key celebrations and a party (that wasn't mine).

Birthday celebrations started on the night before my birthday. A Greek banquet dinner with my mum and sister at a restaurant that has a good reputation and feels more like you're in Melbourne than the Coast. If you've ever eaten good Greek food or been fed by a Greek family you'll know that they don't skimp on quantity or quality.  Feast highlights were melt in your mouth whole lemon snapper, Saganaki cheese, slow cooked lamb and a perfectly simple Greek salad with a whole piece of the creamiest fetta cheese placed on top.

Saturday, the day of my birthday, was a traditional family birthday celebration, a few presents and a cake with a single candle to make a wish. Oh happy days and nights. That evening a friend was having an 'Around the World' themed party, so I got to dress up, dance, eat and laugh but didn't have the fuss or pressure of it being my party!

The party was in full swing by the time we arrived. People and music spilled out into the yard. A yard that resembles a jungle of sorts, wild and untamed. Inside the big, old Queenslander was a place of warmth and life being lived right here right now!- happy party goers, a veggie feast, live music and a room full of crazy costumes. An around the world globe leotard worn with silver and black stripped tights was my personal favourite. Though by the early hours of the morning the leotard seemed tame as costumes were swapped and two tall gents squeezed themselves into genie costumes complete with sequinned crop tops and transparent harem pants. One chose to wear matching blue underwear, the other chose to wear no underwear, and instead improvised with underwear of sorts..a saucepan lid held tightly in place with rope. I'll let you imagine how that worked.

I danced and laughed,  drank a cup of bedtime tea (an unusual choice in the middle of a party!), danced some more before falling asleep as the party continued around me.

It was a beautiful birthday, thanks to my gorgeous family and friends. Thank you for making my heart swell with such joy, love and gratitude x

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P.s. Kylie I'm sending you lots of love. 


  1. Happy birthday - sounds fabulous - love greek food and it was the first country i traveled and lived in outside the US so has a special place in my heart

    1. Lovely to know Greece holds a special place in your heart Deb. x

  2. It sounded like the most beautiful party! Warmth and laughter!! A very happy birthday to you!!!

  3. Oh natalie, it sounds like a blast. In lieu of any photos i hastily imagined an amazing circus like party (maybe it was the leotards), so much fun. Happy happy birthday to you lovely one.

  4. What an AWESOME birthday!! Hip hip hooray (belatedly) to you xx


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