April 08, 2013

14/52 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love. 

Week 13 of gratitude was too much of a free spirit to be tamed and captured for the blog (ok so really i was just too busy doing other stuff and let's face it I one know it was going to be a challenge for me to write every week for a whole year). Thus moving swiftly on to Week 14. 

(Before you continue I'm very excited to have worked out how to embed music finally! Scroll down to the bottom and hit play on the embedded music thingy.)

A week of feeling grateful for highs and lows and everything in between. And for visceral experiences.

Bluesfest was a big high feet stomping on dirt feeling the music thumping through my body. I was so happy I experienced most acts standing, dancing along to The Wilson Pickers, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon and Wilco. These days I usually choose to sit (oh my legs get so tired!) but I know you miss out on really being part of the live experience, so this time I got right in amongst the pulse of the crowd and loved it.  Paul Simon gave such a good performance and as over the top as I may sound he gave so much to the audience that night. 

My kinesiologist has been telling me to get out of my mind and experience life more through my body. Music was definitely the answer! My body was buzzing.  My gig going days of my 20's washed over me as Wilco played a damn fine set and i found myself adopting the oh so casual indie music stance - one leg casually moving in time to the beat, hands resting in pockets with a slight rhythmic nod of the head. Wilco were my surprise 'wow, they blew me away' you could say. I know maybe only a quarter of their songs but it didn't matter, I loved their loud guitars, quiet vocals and rock antics and by the end my casual movement in time to the beat had turned into fully fledged jumping and throwing my head around!

 I was on such a high from bluefest, the weather was gorgeous the next day and we ate, swam and played in beautiful byron before heading home. The next day it all kind of came crashing down. The sky turned grey and i felt tired and low for the next 3 days at work.

But then it was the weekend again so I was grateful for that.
 My spirits and energy shifted and I started embracing the cooler weather. 

Saturday at yoga, with legs up the wall covered in blankets, rain fell loudly on the tin roof and I smiled at how cosy and content I felt in that moment.

Sunday I continued to embrace the Autumn weather and dashed through the rain to sit with a warm cup of tea and dark chocolate to watch Rust and Bone at the cinema. A beautiful,  sometimes hard and powerful story of two people finding their way in life.  The soundtrack was so good I went home and bought it.

Linking up as usual with Maxabella for 52 Weeks of Gratitude. 

Music: Ali by Alexandre Desplat from the Rust and Bone soundtrack.
Image: Breakfast at The Byron Beach Cafe overlooking Clarkes Beach. 


  1. Gig going days 'oh' I so remember those. I think the last one I went to was to see Paul Weller...about fifteen years ago! Such a long time - how time flies.

    I love the stance you adopted - sounds like the kind of thing I would do.

    take care,

    Nina x

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  3. opps.. .will try again...
    I became a "follower" recently but should stop to say howdy.
    'My kinesiologist has been telling me to get out of my mind and experience life more through my body'...I read that line 3 times! I love that!!!!! Thinking WAY too MUCH is a bad habit of mine and I reckon I need to follow that advice. Have you read 'The Power of Now'? I'm slowly pushing my way through it. Some pretty hard-to-get-your-head-around stuff. But I'm trying. Love your blog by the way. I hope your having a great week. Cheers, Michelle

    1. Michelle glad you stopped by to say hi! Thanks for your kind words, I'm chuffed. Us thinkers do have trouble getting out of the mind. I read The Power of Now a while back, but I like when things come my way again, and this week so many 'mindfulness' and being in the now stuff has continued to come my way...so I'm listening to it! x

  4. I love how you write with your heart, mind and soul Natalie! It's beautiful, and sounds like an amazing weekend. I still have no idea how to do the embed music thingy... :) Elisa xx


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