March 17, 2013

11/52 Weeks of Gratitude

52 Weeks of More gratitude. More hope. More love.

It was a week that went from light, to heavy, to light again! Whilst I started off buzzing from my trip to Sydney I still felt strangely weighed down and heavy. It all made sense from Thursday onwards when I had a kick ass kinesio session and Anita gently shifted a few things and brought me to a balanced place of more understanding. Out of my head and into my body. I was smiling again. 

 So from Thursday I started to fear less and let life back in again and I found myself

... with an open heart, eager to engage with everyone..from new friends I met for a cuppa to the local banana farmer at the weekend organic markets

... finding beauty in the crescent shaped moon in the night sky

...loving that the weekend was clear blue skies and soaring temperatures

...enjoying an afternoon swim at Burleigh Heads

...meditating most nights right before sleep

...buying a bunch of sweet branches of wattle from a new fav vintage cafe. I've been loving Little Green Shed's Nature in the Home series and agree that having a little nature inside brings such joy. 

...thinking how sweet it is that my ma and pa still love each other

...feeling love again. 

Gratitude for all these experiences and for feeling the joy of life again. 

Linking up with Maxabella for 52 Weeks of Gratitude.


  1. I would frame that photo in a heartbeat, it's so lovely.
    I nodded along to your gratefuls, so many resonated with me, and you can't beat a lovely swim at Burleigh after the weather we had on the weekend!
    Hope this week brings you lots of gratefuls :)

  2. Such beautiful reflections of Gratutude Natalie. I've felt that heaviness after such an uplifting experience. I put it down to things shifting and my body processing emotion. Such a beautiful journey you are on. Elisa x

  3. I love this, it's beautifully written and really love the last line.

  4. Oh I always love your posts of gratitude and they are so centred and real. You are one sweet lady xxx

  5. Such beauty and wonderful inspiration. It's the smallest details in life that can bring the most joy.

    Nina x

  6. So beautifully written Natalie. I always walk away with a sense of calm after visiting. It's lovely to hear that although the week started heavy for you that the heaviness was lifted and gave you the freedom to have peace and joyful experiences. xx

  7. "An open heart" - that is something to be truly grateful for, Natalie. Embrace that joy of life feeling. Hold it tight. x


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