May 05, 2013

Happy Greek Easter (and Red Greek Easter Eggs)

It's Greek Orthodox Easter today and one of the most important celebrations in Greece. The importance for me really is the connection to family, my childhood and my nanna. I grew up listening to mum and nanna speaking Greek and I didn't, and still don't, understand one word (ok maybe I know two Greek words but that's it unfortunately!). And whilst now I often think how strange it is to have close family know a language that I don't it also feels very normal to me because that's just the way it's always been in my family.

My nanna very much felt Greek, even though she arrived in Australia in her early 20's and spent more years of her of life in Australia than Greece. She had a strong Greek accent, a strong connection to the church, her family and always called her friends that weren't Greek her "Australian friends" (this always made me laugh!).  I have vivid childhood memories spent with her. Mostly of her strong love for us, her kisses, our girls shopping trips out to the city in Sydney where we got spoiled with treats, and her way of showing her love for us through food. Pastitsio, Kourabadies and the delicious honey biscuits- Melomakarona's are strong favourites from my nanna's kitchen.

For years I've wanted to keep family traditions going, and this year decided it was the year to try my hand at making Greek Easter eggs. Whilst I didn't get the chance to make them with nanna when she was alive I had asked her for the instructions years ago, now stored in my memory. With my memory a little help from the back of the red dye pack and the internet my sister and I made them a few weeks back and celebrated when it was the 'western' Easter and we were all together.  

One of my favourite parts is the clinking of the eggs whilst saying Christos Anesti! (meaning Christ is risen). It's a game I imagine little kids love called tsougrisma. It's very simple, each person grabs an egg and taps it with another player. If you crack your opponents egg you are declared the winner!

Christos Anesti!

For easy how to  instructions take a look at Porcini ChroniclesThe red dye can be picked up from most good Deli's. Or to make your own plant based dyes have a look here.


  1. these are gorgeous! happy greek easter! xo

  2. Oh how beautiful are those eggs!!!!

  3. Wow they are super amazing...beautiful!
    I love this space here.

    You may just love the giveaway I have on my blog atm.


  4. Oh I love the eggs! And I'm a big fan of family traditions too. Happy Easter! xx

  5. These are so beautiful Natalie and I love those sweet little felt chicks too so perfectly made. xx


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